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learn about Mansingh Foundation

MANSINGH FOUNDTAION is a non-profit Charity Organization . Mansingh Foundtaion has transformed lives in every dimension spoken. From eliminating the root problems of education by providing free education and meals to providing special guided education to the deaf and dumb. From teaching life skills to the visually impaired to the professional skill development of the differently-abled.

Mansingh Foundation is a not-for-profit organization operating as a Section 8 Company under the laws of the relevant jurisdiction. Our foundation is driven by a strong commitment to social welfare and the upliftment of marginalized communities. With a vision to create a more inclusive and just society, we aim to empower and support individuals who face various forms of oppression and injustice.

In order to help the government reach the Sustainable Development Goals, the Mansingh Foundation acts as a catalyst in the cycle of change. In order to develop high-impact programming that facilitate access, improve quality, and support long-term behavioural change at the grassroots, we educate the public and collaborate with organisations and people that share our values.

Our Mission

Mansingh Foundation uplifts marginalized communities for holistic development. We create a society where all individuals, regardless of background, access education, healthcare, and growth opportunities. Through initiatives, we foster positive social change, equality, justice, and sustainable development.

Our Vision

Mansingh Foundation envisions an inclusive society with equal opportunities for all, dismantling social barriers. We inspire change and empower individuals to contribute to their communities. By addressing systemic issues, promoting social justice, and respecting rights and dignity, we strive for the realization of every person's potential.


Healthcare and Well-being

We improve healthcare infrastructure, provide aid, promote prevention, and raise awareness, acknowledging quality healthcare as a fundamental right.


Empowerment and Educationtle

Empowering through education, training, and capacity-building to overcome poverty and achieve self-sufficiency through transformative learning.


Environmental Sustainability

Prioritizing environmental protection, resource conservation, and sustainable practices to create a greener, more sustainable future through education and initiatives.


Join our passionate community of volunteers together

let's create positive impact, uplift lives, and build a brighter future for all